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Decorate Safely and Beautifully with Permanent Outdoor LED Strip Christmas Lighting


Permanent Outdoor LED Strip Christmas Lighting


All over the world, people decorate for Christmas with beautiful lights. In the dark of a Canadian winter, Christmas lighting is particularly symbolic. Yet decorating can be one of the toughest holiday time tasks and proves dangerous to your individual health and safety. An Alberta study showed that hundreds of Canadians are injured each year while putting up Christmas lights; some seriously. If you find yourself dreading the thought of untangling strings of lights and climbing up that extension ladder in the ice and cold, you should consider giving yourself the gift of permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting. With state-of-the-art options for display and control, and durable, brilliant light, these professionally-installed lighting systems are the perfect way to create beautiful holiday light shows.


How It Works


Technicians will install weatherproof strips of LED lights along your eaves, roofline, and/or gables, creating the ability to light your home’s façade. The lights themselves are easily controlled with either a remote, or a smartphone app. Choose from hundreds of colours of light, and many different types of patterns – blinking, flashing, chasing, alternating colours, etc. You can also control the speed of the patterning, and the intensity of the light. If you like, you can make the LEDs resemble conventional Christmas lights: have them flash in traditional red and green, or in more contemporary blue and white. Create a warm glow with multicoloured lights, or try one colour at a time. If you want a more dramatic display, program the lights to change colours and to follow kinetic patterns. No matter what you choose, your home is sure to become a neighbourhood Christmas attraction!


LEDs use less energy than conventional lights and are overall very inexpensive. These lights are non-toxic and recyclable and last for many years. In fact, it’s estimated that even with six to eight hours of use each day, LED strip lights will last for approximately twenty years. In the event that you do need to change a section of lighting, replacement can be done easily and quickly.


No More Hassles


This year, forget about hanging from the eavestroughs, slipping on shingles, and coping with slick ladders perched on icy ground. No more burnt-out bulbs, faulty extension cords, or frozen-stiff fingers! Instead, spend your holiday time baking cookies, caroling, wrapping special presents, sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace, having drinks with friends, or playing board games with your grandkids. The only fussing with Christmas lights you’ll be doing this holiday season, is on your smart phone app – changing colours and themes to suit your festive mood.


When the Christmas season concludes, you may be pleasantly surprised at how many other occasions warrant a light show. Turn on emerald green to show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit, light up for a milestone birthday, or display your favourite team colours on Grey Cup day. Light your home with a Pride rainbow, or show your support for breast cancer awareness in October.


It’s time to move into the 21st century – the age of technology and convenience! This holiday season, give yourself the gift of permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting to enjoy for years to come!